This is Deficioscriptor.com, and the title of the page reads For best results use dot matrix printer. I call it Deficio Scriptor because it seems self-deprecating and pretentious at the same time.  And the dot matrix part because I think it preposterous that even advanced dot matrix technology could make what’s written here readable.

Anyhow, Deficio Scriptor, roughly translates to “failed writer.” If you use Google translate, it comes out with a number of possibilities, including deficit scriptor and defecerunt scriptor, neither of which sound as good.

Scriptoethnography is a word I made up, or at least I think I did. Ethnography is  branch of anthropology dealing with the scientific description of individual cultures (Mirriam-Webster), and Scripto is a prefix meaning writing. Here are other definitions taken from the Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research at the University of Southern California:

“When used as a method, ethnography typically refers to fieldwork (alternatively, participant-observation) conducted by a single investigator who ‘lives with and lives like’ those who are studied, usually for a year or more.” –John Van Maanen, 1996.

“Ethnography literally means ‘a portrait of a people.’ An ethnography is a written description of a particular culture – the customs, beliefs, and behavior – based on information collected through fieldwork.” –Marvin Harris and Orna Johnson, 2000.

“Ethnography is the art and science of describing a group or culture. The description may be of a small tribal group in an exotic land or a classroom in middle-class suburbia.” –David M. Fetterman, 1998.

Anyway, if there is such a thing as copyright in this age, then everything found herein is copyrighted and should be properly attributed.  If you were raised the right way, e-mail me and ask my permission, which of course I’d give after recovering from the shock that anyone has read this stuff.


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